Article: GameStop expects just one new console in 2013 - NextGenUpdate (2024)

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1. According to the a survey made by Game Informer Xbox has a failure rate estimated to be 54.2%, when PS3 has a failure rate at 10% according to Gamespot. That makes the PS3 over five times more reliable than the Xbox 360!

2. Xbox game-programmers have 4.7 gigabytes of space to program their graphics into. PS3 game-developers can have up to 43 times MORE space to work with. That’s 200 GIGABYTES! You just can’t argue with that until the Xbox decides to copy the PS3 and get a Bluray- drive.

3. Bluray-movies. This is a huge plus, as you can watch your movies in full HD. A DVD-movie is just crap compared to a Bluray-movie.

4. Don't need to spend extra money on rechargeable batteries for controllers.

5. FREE online gaming. You don't have to pay to play online. If you want to play online with an Xbox 360, you need to buy an Xbox live account. The PS3 has this feature available for free.

6. The PS3’s exclusive games have "easily" topped the game of the year awards. Uncharted 2 - A major critical and commercial success, it was named by Metacritic as the most critically acclaimed game of 2009, and won Game of the Year awards on IGN, Eurogamer, Game Informer, Joystiq, Kotaku, Giant Bomb, AIAS, X-Play, Game Developers Choice Awards and the Spike Video Game Awards for the year 2009.
It also got a 10 out of 10 rating from game informer, and a 5 out of 5 rating from game pro. Now, let’s move to Littlebigplanet. This one won OVER EIGHTY awards including FIFTEEN game of the year awards! InFamous won an editors' choice award from IGN, and an editors' choice award from Gamespot. A 9/10 from game informer, and a 9.2/10 from IGN. These games are only a few games that I PERSONALLY own. I didn't bother to look up any others.

7. Oh, and the PS3 has 1080p FULL HD and HDMI support without buying yet ANOTHER attachment like that adapter doohickey you need for the Xbox to get hd.

8. Speaking of HD awesome graphics, did I mention that PS3 also supports full 3D? Well guess what? It does.

9. The ps3 is way quieter.

10. It doesn’t have a power brick half the size of the whole freaking console (like the Xbox 360 has). Actually, it doesn’t even have any power brick at all.

11. Playstation Home. It has free arcade games if you're bored of the games you already have. Playstation Home is also a way to meet people and build up your friend-list if you're feeling lonely.

12. PSMove is better than Kinect. And don't say Kinect is better just because it’s for the Xbox, and that Xbox is better than PS3 because it just is. Open your eyes - here is some simple math to help you understand:

Camera + microphone = Kinect. Simple, right?

Camera + microphone + buttons + LED tracking system + three-axis gyroscope sensor + three-axis accelerometer + terrestrial magnetic field sensor = PSMove.

Notice how the PSMove has everything the Kinect has and so much more. All combined to help detect pinpoint movements.

13. Speaking of the move, another thing that makes the Kinect fail so hard is that it has NO BUTTONS! That means that it will never ever get anything besides casual party games until Microsoft sees how much they failed, and copies the PSMove by adding an extra controller and of course make you pay even MORE money for yet ANOTHER attachment! PSMove has things like Killzone 3 and Socom 4, and so many more hardcore games that all you Xbox-fanboys love.

Imagine the amazing and immerse gaming experience you will get if you are playing a game in 1080p full HD and 3D with the Playstation Move and full 7.1 surround sound.

14. The PS3's processor has seven cores running at 3.20GHz while the Xbox 360 only has three.

15. The PS3's hard drive is the same as a laptop's and can be read faster by PS3 than the Xbox’ can.

16. The Xbox’ RAM is shared between the CPU and the GPU and clocked at 700 MHz. The PS3 has the same amount of RAM, but it is divided in half so that the CPU and GPU have their own separate RAM. The GPU's ram for the PS3 is clocked at 1.3 GHz, nearly twice as fast as the Xbox. The PS3's CPU RAM is clocked at 3.2 GHz, which is nearly five times faster than the Xbox. The Xbox' RAM stands no chance against the PS3's RAM.

17. If you have a PS3 fat, you will get more USB-ports than the Xbox has.

18. The PS3's disc-drive, besides it being Bluray, is a lot fancier. You got to admit that the plastic DVD table on the Xbox feels pretty dang cheap. The ps3, you just pop the disc in, like the Wii.

19. The ps3 has 6-axis motion sensing controllers. (Not talking about the PSMove, I mean the regular controllers).

20. No modchips or disassembly required to jailbreak/downgrade. Oh, what is that? You have to pay MORE for yet ANOTHER device just to hack it? Pfft, it’s free for the ps3.

21. The ps3 costs less. ESPECIALLY after you spend money on Xbox live, all your batteries and everything else.

22. When an Xbox 360 is attached to a stereo with subwoofers, it hardly uses them. I played halo and CoD in my home theatre with dual 18" subwoofers. No matter how high we turned it up, the Xbox just wouldn’t use them. I have also tested that on other speaker systems too. But the ps3, however, uses the subwoofers properly. Grenades, gunshots, and the heartbeat when your health is low can be felt in your chest.

Article: GameStop expects just one new console in 2013 - NextGenUpdate (2024)
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