How to watch gymnastics at the Paris Olympics: TV and stream schedule (2024)

Gymnastics at the 2024 Paris Olympics will air on NBC, USA Network and E!, and stream on Peaco*ck and NBC Olympics platforms starting on Saturday, July 27.

  • Dates: July 27 - August 5
  • Medal events: Men's and women's team, men's and women's individual all-around, men's event finals: vault, floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, high bar and parallel bars and women's event finals: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor excercise
  • Venue: Bercy Arena
  • TV channels: NBC, USA Network, E!
  • Streaming: Peaco*ck,,, NBC app,NBC Olympics app

Visit for more information on watching the Paris Olympics, including links to download the NBC, NBC Olympics and Peaco*ck apps.

When does gymnastics start and end at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Gymnastics will start on Saturday, July 27 and conclude on Monday, August 5. There will be live coverage of gymnastics on the following dates:

  • Men's Qualification: Saturday, July 27
  • Women's Qualification:Sunday, July 28
  • Men's Team Final: Monday, July 29
  • Women's Team Final: Tuesday, July 30
  • Men's All-Around Final: Wednesday, July 31
  • Women's All-Around Final: Thursday, August 1
  • Event Finals Day 1: Saturday, August 3
  • Event Finals Day 2: Sunday, August 4
  • Event Finals Day 3: Monday, August 5

How do I stream gymnastics at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The complete gymnastics schedule, including the apparatus feeds for each session and TV listings, is also available on the NBC Olympics schedule page.

All live streams are also available to watch on mobile, tablet and connected TV devices via the Peaco*ck, NBC and NBC Olympics apps.

Paris Olympics: Gymnastics Live Streaming Schedule
(all times Eastern, subject to change)
Sat, 7/27
Men's Qualification: Subdivision 1Peaco*ck,
Sat, 7/27
Men's Qualification: Subdivision 2Peaco*ck,
Sat, 7/27
Men's Qualification: Subdivision 3Peaco*ck,
Sun, 7/28
Women's Qualification: Subdivision 1Peaco*ck,
Sun, 7/28
Women's Qualification: Subdivision 2Peaco*ck,
Sun, 7/28
Women's Qualification: Subdivision 3Peaco*ck,
Sun, 7/28
Women's Qualification: Subdivision 4Peaco*ck,
Sun, 7/28
Women's Qualification: Subdivision 5Peaco*ck,
Mon, 7/29
Men's Team Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Tues, 7/30
Women's Team Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Wed, 7/31
Men's All-Around Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Thurs, 8/1
Women's All-Around Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Sat, 8/3
Men's Floor Exercise Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Sat, 8/3
Women's Vault Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Sat, 8/3
Men's Pommel Horse Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Sun, 8/4
Men's Rings Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Sun, 8/4
Women's Uneven Bars Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Sun, 8/4
Men's Vault Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Mon, 8/5
Men's Parallel Bars Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Mon, 8/5
Women's Balance Beam Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Mon, 8/5
Men's High Bar Final🏅Peaco*ck,
Mon, 8/5
Women's Floor Exercise Final🏅Peaco*ck,

You can watch every event at the 2024 Paris Olympics LIVE by subscribing to Peaco*ck. After subscribing and logging in, either go to Peaco* in your web browser or download the Peaco*ck app to your phone, tablet, or connected TV device and navigate to the Olympics section.

Users can also authenticate with their cable subscription, which allows them to watch live streams of every Olympic event on,, the NBC app or the NBC Olympics app. All streams can be viewed in your web browser or on your phone, tablet or connected TV device.

How do I watch gymnastics on TV at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Live and tape-delayed coverage of gymnastics will be shown on the following TV channels: NBC, USA Network and E!

The full TV listings for gymnastics can be found on the schedule page by clicking the toggle at the top to “TV Only.”

How can I watch replays of gymnastics at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

If you missed any of the live action, you can catch up by watching the full event replays on the Replays hub. The stream links above will also take you directly to the full replay of each live stream.

What to know about gymnastics at the 2024 Paris Olympics

The artistic gymnastics competition at the 2024 Paris Olympics promises to be a thrilling competition with the potential for shattered records and historic moments. For both the men and women, competition will feature a team event, an all-around event and individual apparatus finals.

Leading the women's field is Simone Biles, who is favored to have great success in her third Olympic Games. With 37 world and Olympic medals combined, Biles is officially the most decorated gymnast of all time— male or female — with the ability to climb as high as second in the all-time Olympic medal rankings for women’s gymnastics in Paris. Click here to see all the records Biles can break in Paris.

Joining Biles in Paris will be three of her Tokyo Olympic teammates:Suni Lee,Jordan Chiles andJade Carey. First-year seniorHezly Rivera will round out the team in what will be her first trip to the Games.

With Biles and Lee on the team, this also marks the first time in history that an Olympic gymnastics team has included two Olympic all-around champions.

Rebeca Andrade of Brazil is anticipated to be one of Biles' biggest rivals in Paris. After sharing four individual medal podiums together at the 2023 World Championships, including edging out Biles for the gold in the vault final, the battle between the two could be an epic one. Andrade could also help lead the talented Brazilian team to its first team medal ever in Olympic history.

On the men's side, Hashimoto Daiki of Japan will look to defend his Olympic all-around title but could face stiff competition from 2021 world all-around champion Zhang Boheng of China.

Americans Brody Malone and Frederick Richard will hope to challenge for the podium and bring home the U.S. men's first Olympic all-around medal since 2012. They will be joined by world team bronze medalists Asher Hong and Paul Juda, along with 2021 pommel horse world champion Stephen Nedoroscik, with a shared goal of bringing home an Olympic team medal for the first time since 2008.

How to find more information about gymnastics at the 2024 Paris Olympics

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Gymnastics: Results

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How to watch gymnastics at the Paris Olympics: TV and stream schedule (2024)
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